Royalty EDP

It is a fragrance driven by seductive greatness yet carries an aura of magic and simplicity


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Royalty EDP Perfume by Dikachino is a very romantic and luxurious unisex fragrance, the notes are carefully blended to give you an exotic introduction of bergamot and refined fruity notes which engraves itself in a heart note of sophisticated Jasmine and Royal Vanilla, then settles into a base note of Bold and dareing Musk that is matched in perfect combination with well finished Cedarwood and Ambergris that leaves your presence wrapped in a magical aphrodisiac aura.

Royalty is a fragrance driven by seductive greatness yet carries an aura of magic and simplicity. Its juice which symbolizes the scent of sweet Confidence and fresh boldness is bottled in Elegant Gold of Royalty.

Royalty is a icon born from the desire and inspiration that greatness can come to anyone who truly desires it and has the understanding that behind humility often lies greatness.

Royalty is a sophisticated scent yet simple in nature reminding us of the cosmic principle that as simple as humility may be, it often opens the door to greatness.

A spray of Royalty is a sure way to embrace greatness throughout the day and give yourself a treat of Elegance.

Top Note: Bergamot, Fruity

Middle Note: Jasmine, Vanilla

Base Note: Musk, Cedarwood, Ambergris

You can Order our Royalty EDP 100ml Unisex Perfume in the US and get it delivered.

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