December 14, 2021

11 Things Every Perfume Lover in Nigeria Needs to Know Before Choosing Their Next Perfume


As a perfume lover, what comes to mind when you think of buying a bottle of perfume?

If you are not really a scent connoisseur, many things could run through your mind. You may belong to the group that look out for something that smells appealing but not overly strong. Or you might want to get a scent that makes a statement. You could also fall within the range of those who just want to dash in and out of the store with something that falls within your budget. You may not even think of it at all. Maybe your scent is something you pick up as an afterthought when you visit the mall.

It’s okay; we are not judging. On the other hand, you may have an inkling of what to look out for but never seem to get it right?

Do you often fall victim to buying perfume that is not worth its weight in fragrance?

Regardless of what class you belong to, there is much more to know than meets the eye in choosing a bottle of perfume. Rest assured and read on; this article is just for you. We have put together the ultimate list of details that you need to know before choosing the perfect scent for you.



Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Parfum/Extrait de Parfum, Eau de Cologne or Eau de Fraîche?

Wait, Eau de what?!

Well, if you have never paid much attention to the description on the perfume pack, this is something you should start looking out for. Perfumes possess different levels of fragrance concentration which determine their scent quality and strength. What you know about each can determine which you will purchase. Here is a short description of each kind of scent.

Perfumes marked Eau de Toilette usually contain a lighter concentration of aromatic compounds. It is one of the most common fragrances for perfumes and is ideal for daily use. This kind of fragrance usually lasts about two to three hours. The light body spritz you spray on for daily use is most likely an Eau de Toilette. Though there are exceptional cases where Eau de Toilette has a more lasting strength than Eau de parfum because of the kind of oil or other ingredients used to create it. Eau de Parfum scents are stronger and more luxurious than Eau de Toilettes. They have the second highest fragrance concentration, usually last longer and project farther. They are usually used in the more expensive perfumes that you might want to spray on when you want to make a strong but not overpowering impression. They are ideal perfumes for work and low-key social events. Extrait/ Extrait de Parfum/Parfum has the highest fragrance concentration. It lasts very long and is very intense, needing only little amounts to create a lasting impression. It is contained in expensive and exotic scents that promise a stronger aura with lasting staying strength. Oil perfumes are good examples of this. This is your go-to fragrance for important occasions and events. Eau de Cologne, as the name suggests, is the substance of colognes. It contains a weaker essence concentration than Eau de Toilettes and is ideal for an aura that is subtle but classy. The Eau Fraiche is contained in aftershaves and has the lowest concentration of fragrance oils. It is sweet and elusive without much staying power.

Now that you know these fragrance families, they can help you make an informed decision the next time you go perfume shopping either physically or online.



Mainstream, Niche or Cheap Flankers?

It is also very important to know what each of these means so that your choice range is trimmed to include what you will love.

Mainstream perfumes are also known as designer perfumes. They include the widely known brand names that produce different fragrances that appeal to a wide range of people. Some brands such as Chanel, Polo or Dolce and Gabbana are household names that are known to produce quality scents that you can’t help loving. They range from very expensive to mildly affordable. So, if you don’t mind occasionally sporting the same scent as a random man or woman on the elevator, then you could explore some popular mainstream scents. There are lots of them to choose from.

If you prefer the allure of the unusual, however, you may want to check out some niche fragrances. These are somewhat less common than the mainstream brands, even though some are produced by the popular brands under the limited-edition tag. When you think of niche perfumes, think along the lines of scents that are inspired by the maker’s artistic imagination, bespoke but not exactly exclusive to you. They are made with a blend of ingredients that make them stand out.

Cheap perfume flankers are an offshoot of either a mainstream or niche brand. They are usually cheaper than the originals but sometimes they end up being nicer. However, if you are still getting to know your way around scents, you may end up buying just another random cheap perfume. If you are lucky, you may get one that smells incredible but you could bet that it would not last. And if it does last long and projects, better pray that it does not give you a rash. And if it smells incredible, lasts and has a great projection or sillage, and suites your skin with no rash but rather blends with your body chemistry, then I suggest you forever have it on your perfume shelf. There are some cheap flankers like this though rare to find.



Floral, Fresh, Oriental or Woody?

Yes, there is yet another classification of perfumes and this has to do with the ingredients that the perfume contains. Understanding this can help you make a shrewd decision on what scent to settle for. Note that these fragrances can overlap to create a unique perfume that you will absolutely love.

Floral scents are very common and they are made from a wide variety of flowers such as jasmine, rose, lily and the like. They have a sweet and flowery essence. Fresh scents are made from fragrant leaves such as lavender, rosemary or basil. They are a combination of flowery citrus, water and vibrant herbs. Women are mostly known to use these scents but are not limited to them.

Oriental fragrances are made with spicy and warm ingredients like cinnamon or vanilla and with orange blossoms or orchids. They are vibrant and exotic and could be combined with the other fragrance families to produce soft, floral or woody oriental. Woody fragrances are produced with wood-based ingredients like sandalwood, cedarwood or amber. The scent is favoured in aftershaves and ouds which may have an Arabian, Turkish or Persian origin. Woody fragrances are aromatic and mature and are favoured by men and women alike. Check here – link to fragrance family pageVIEW OUR FRAGRANCE NOTES »

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What are the factors that make a scent smell nice and last long?

Is it possible to have both? Of course! But several factors determine how good a scent smells and how long it will last. The ingredients, concentration level, fragrance family and even brand are the main determinants of how good the perfume will smell, as we have explained above. The unique blend of ingredients will influence the quality of the scent.

On the other hand, a lot of other factors will tell how long a scent will last. But first, we must debunk the mystery that a perfume must last the whole day. Though we are certain that there are perfumes that can last the whole day and more especially when sprayed on clothes, textiles seem to hold fragrance for a longer time than skin. scents with lower concentration levels like the Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette cannot last longer than a few hours. Eau de Parfums and Extraits stay longer but eventually fade.

The notes (different molecular development rates of the perfume when applied) also contribute to this. Top notes are what you smell when you first spray and evaporate very rapidly. Middle notes come up after, followed by the base notes which are what you smell when the scent has settled. A good perfume with all the notes will last longer than cheap perfumes with only the top notes. Besides, we stop perceiving familiar fragrances after a few days due to olfactory stimulatio, this doesn’t mean the fragrance has stopped smelling but that you have stopped smelling it, which is when our brain gets too used to a particular scent.



What is your skin type and how does it affect your choice?

Being a perfume lover, your skin type plays a very crucial role in your choice of a perfume. There are two basic skin types; oily or dry. If your skin is oily, you should go for perfumes with lower concentrations or notes as your skin can easily hold in the fragrance for a lengthy period. However, if you have dry skin, you should look out for scents that have strong bass notes and higher concentration levels (Eau de Parfums or Extraits) so that the fragrance can stay for a longer period. You should also avoid perfumes with an excessive percentage of alcohol or try applying non-scented moisturisers to your skin to layer your scents.



Do all perfumes work for all situations?

The short answer to this is no. You should not wear the same scent for all occasions. Use lighter fragrances for formal events where you do not want to overwhelm or distract people. For parties and social occasions, you may go all out and experiment with sharper, heavier scents. Always remember that a good fragrance on you should not be too heavy or overwhelming to those around you. Keep it simple but elegant.



Fabric, Climate, Hormones, Mood, Food

Remember the perfume notes we talked about? Here it comes into play. Every perfume has the top notes which smell similar to everyone but once it gets to the middle or heart notes, the perfume acquires a life of its own based on its environment. No perfume smells the same on different people. This is because our individual hormones, unique odour, food we’ve eaten and so on interact with the scent and produce a scent that is singular to the wearer.

Your instinct, as a perfume lover, is not to buy a bottle of perfume because it smells so good on your friend. It may smell vaguely the same on you, but you may not entirely be pleased with how it smells on you and in some other time might even smell better on you. Perfume is often times a personal adventure so take your time to enjoy the discoveries.



Individual experiences, Memories, Preference

Our preferences, experiences and memories also play a part in our choices. Always create space for your instinct to lead you when choosing a perfume.



How do you identify and avoid them?

There are a lot of ways to identify and avoid fake products. However, the easiest way to do this is to buy from a reputable vendor online or offline. A good way to buy a fake perfume is by getting it from a drugstore, Supermarket or a random vendor. Sourcing and selling Original perfumes require alot and most people are not ready to do the work so Visit confirmed perfume stores offline and online who have a trustworthy history, payment and refund policy. Some red alerts that you may be about to buy a fake perfume include a ridiculously cheap price, sloppy packaging, funny looking logo design, bad or no return Policy, unsecured website or payment platform etc. Always compare details of your intended purchase with details from the manufacturer’s website.



What to watch out for

In this age where internet fraud is at its peak and Nigeria is doing little or nothing to protect its citizens, you need to be extra careful. Just as we have reiterated in the previous point, the best way to avoid fake perfume sellers is by dealing with reputable online and offline vendors. Avoid clicking on random pop-ups and ensure that your online vendor has a refund policy that suits you. Check for client feedback and testimonials on their page to confirm the validity of their site. Another step you could take is to use an escrow agent to act as a representative for your online activities. Take advantage of payment on Delivery or simply visit the store when in doubt.



Don’t worry about it.

After going on this awesome discovery journey of perfumes, we imagine you’ll visit a reliable perfume online or offline store and purchase a breath-taking perfume. Imagine yourself dressed to the nines, smelling like a billion bucks and stepping into your office where everybody casts admiring glances at you. All you get are compliments on your dressing. Nobody has the decency to say something about how good you smell. Take a deep breath and pause. Their accolades do not validate the quality of your perfume. You have done an amazing job picking it. So, forgive them because they are Nigerians who are too busy with their hustle. Sometimes people avoid giving fragrance compliments unconsciously because they already have a notion that such compliments are for people they are intimate with or want to get intimate with. We wish you all the best in your discovery of more sensational perfumes and may your pockets always be full enough to get the perfumes you deserve.

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